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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Archbishop Prendergast of Ottawa must resign: the betrayal of the Unborn; the sabotage of the pro-life movement by the Canadian Bishops

Image copyright: Culture Witness. 

Millions of babies are killed every year in Canada. These babies can be killed even as they are being born. This is part of the Holocaust on a "global scale", a "third world war" - in the words of Bishop BiaƂasik, of Bolivia. Alas, that is Bolivia. Sadly, this is Canada: we have near silence. 

From the excellent blog, Contradiction: 

How many Catholics voted for Trudeau in this past election because the Archbishop failed to act decisively and to send the strongest possible signal under Roman Catholic law to all Canadians that Justin Trudeau was a renegade Catholic in danger of losing his soul and that no faithful Catholic could possibly cast a vote for such a politician and still remain in Communion with Holy Mother Church? 

Trudeau and two homosexuals posing with "adopted" children

American and international readers should know that a few weeks ago, Justin Trudeau and his fanatically pro-sodomy, pro-abortion Liberal Party achieved a majority. I am not here - as some may think - as an apologist for the Conservative Party ("con"servative in reality). Stephen Harper's Conservatives supported the abomination of sodomy; even organizing the "Fabulous Blue Tent", which pander to wealthy homosexuals. Let there be no mistake, the Conservative Party too is in the camp of the Antichrist. Harper was just clever enough to throw a few bones to pro-lifers to pick up their votes. 

A review of the political situation in Canada from a Catholic perspective (the only perspective that matters) can be read here and here, on Vox Cantoris, about the sabotage of pro-life efforts by bishops. Lea Singh on her blog, Culture Witness, provides an outstanding overview of the depth and magnitude of the treachery by so many bishops. 

What this post is about, is the silence, or near silence of Canada's bishops to speak up and oppose evil, the compromise with evil. "How long can we keep compromising with evil"?, a bishop recently remarked in a telephone conversation with me. (It may come as a shock to Modernists, but there still are Catholic bishops left, and we - who are accused of being Promethean, gnostic, neo-Pelegians - also have our contacts and friends in the hierarchy). 

Rightly does the outstanding blog, Culture Witness,
call out abortion as GENOCIDE 
I wrote on a number of occasions about the misleading and outrageous Election Guide, that failed to even use the word "abortion". It would be like trying to talk about Nazi gas ovens, without using the word "Jew". It all comes down to money; Caesar seduces with the carrot stick of "charitable" status, and the bishops nibble away. Coupled to this love of money, we can add loss of Faith through neo-modernism (as exemplified by some from Canada at the Synod and in the constant refusal to preach doctrine and morality), and we have a toxic mix that will not make a stand against the evil of abortion. 

Needless to say, the Election Guide was silent on contraception, pornography, pedophila, elder abuse and other grave evils, such as the growing spread of the practice of homosexuality. A few words against homo-propaganda would have been helpful to besieged Catholics. I choose homo-propaganda advisedly, as it is the word of choice by the Polish Bishops' Conference when confronting this evil. The "intrinsically disordered" nature of the sin of sodom, and its social ramifications should have been noted by the Bishops of Canada in their Election Guide. Alas, the bishops were silent on this horrid evil. 

Contradiction, carries a number of outstanding, articulate posts on the near collapse of the Faith in Canada; heavily, in part due to the treachery of the bishops. Contradiction has been calling for Archbishop Terrance Prendergast to tender his resignation. I support this initiative, and I too, call upon the Archbishop to resign.


Anonymous said...

Prendergast is used by Francis to investigate prolife bishops behind their back and remove them:

Meanwhile, for years prendergast shielded Lahey:

Suggest you find an independent traitional Catholic Church that is not affiliated w/these corrupters and murderers, i.e. calling for "removal" when know no action will take place is no longer sufficient in my opinion for YOUR own salvation.

TH2 said...

Prendergast - another faux orthodox bishop, adored and admired by darlings in the Catholic press and internet friends, who help to maintain this false persona. If he did nothing at homo-infested St. Joseph's in Ottawa, going on for a long time, do you think he will do anything now with the pretty boy drama teacher turned nepotistic PM? Of course not.

Karl Rahner Jr. said...

The CCCB, which would include Prendergast, "CONGRATULATED" Trudeau on becoming PM. The refusal to condemn this man for his public endorsement of the culture of death represents a total capitulation of the bishops' responsibility to "teach" and "govern."