Saturday, 6 June 2015

Catholic Ireland was betrayed by mercenary churchmen like Archbishop Eamon Martin

The glorification of lust for unnatural flesh
Homosexual activity is one of the four sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance. The Catechism has three, crisp paragraphs that all Christians are to adhere to. To place this sin on the same level as marriage, to try to equate it to holy, chaste wedlock, is not only to reject the teachings of the Church, but to compound it with another grave sin. It is a form of blasphemy. It is the claim that an intrinsically evil act may be equated to a sacrament from God, or at least, natural wedlock between non-Christians. It is the rejection of God's creation, a rejection of reality. It is to claim truth for a lie. 

Abortionism: lust leads to death
The reason why we are no longer shocked anymore, horrified that unnatural acts are being equated with holy matrimony, is is due to the art of desensitization and the masking of reality with abstract nonsense. The practice of the vice of   homosexuality has been receiving a "push" for well over a couple of decades; behind the vagueness of talk about "human rights" for a non-right. Deliberately, there is no talk about the actions committed by those who indulge in these perverted sins. In this, the homosexualists carefully  follow their comrades in arms, the abortionists (who, in turn, followed the Onanists). The murder of babies is now a "termination", the "gentle removal of pregnancy tissue..." And so on. Once a person is dehumanized, the path is open to the gulag, or worse. 

We are now seeing the dehumanization of those who believe in the one, true God by the homosexualist movement. We would do well to remember that it was only the Hebrews, who strongly rejected homosexual practice in the pagan world. They did so, not due to some special inclination to virtue, but due to the fact that Almighty God had revealed Himself to them and given them His truth. The Romans, the Greeks and so on (the pagan Irish, as well), all practiced various forms of homosexuality. Thus there was no reason for Our Blessed Lord to speak of homosexuality during his discourses with the Jews, for there was unanimity in the understanding that this was an abomination before God. But there was need for Sts. Paul and Jude to condemn sexual perversion and lusts of the flesh. For these great Apostles went out amongst the Gentiles who, not knowing the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob followed after unnatural flesh.

Now, we have the scandal of Archbishop Eamon Martin stating that he would not have "used that kind of language", in reference to Raymond Cardinal Burke's comment that even the pagans of old - who indulged in homosexuality - did not dare to call it "marriage".  All of this may be read in the official Diocesan newspaper, "The Boston Pilot", replete with a photo of rejoicing homosexualists after the "referendum".  No where does the official Catholic newspaper refer to homosexual acts are gravely sinful, deserving of eternal damnation, without repentance.

What is even more disconcerting is cowardly, treacherous churchmen who have refused to call sin a sin, to call the practice of homosexuality an abomination, who have refused to preach the three paragraphs from the Catechism of the Catholic Church - in season and out of season. To proclaim the truth!

Archbishop Martin fails to tell us what language he would use. Would he use "sin"? Would he use "intrinsically disordered" etc.... Martin, and many cowardly bishops are indeed the gravediggers of the Church in Ireland. They are, in the words of St. Augustine, not shepherds, but mercenaries.  


Freyr said...

How exactly do you propose to enter into a conversation with someone who is likely to react with offense to anything you have to say? You cannot, in good conscience, avoid the conversation since to do so would disobey the command of Jesus to preach the gospel. The Greeks at least had a vocabulary that Paul could adopt when speaking in Athens. John's gospel does a marvelous job of rendering the gospel in terms that the gentile philosophers might understand. I repeat my question. How exactly do you propose to speak to homosexuals?

Catholic in Brooklyn said...

I love the Catholic Church and her teachings, and I grieve over what has happened in Ireland and around the world. But Holy Mother Church has to take responsibility for at least some of this because of the horrific abuse so many Irish Catholics and others received at the hands of Catholic hierarchy. If we had spoken to them about God's mercy and love 50 to 100 years ago, we would not be reaping such evils now. Even though what he said was technically true, Cardinal Burke did no one any favors by using such divisive and what many consider hateful language. Cardinal Martin was correct.