Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Linda Gibbons is arrested and the "official" mainstream Catholic media in Canada is silent!

"Arrested for defending life" Polish Catholic headline news
dated March 25th, 2915

Polish Catholic support for Linda in the Media
Not surprisingly, the "mainstream" or "official" Catholic media in Canada - that is, the various entities controlled by the hierarchy - are silent on the scandalous and vile arrest of our Archangel for Life, Linda Gibbons. They were silent when Mary Wagner was wickedly arrested last December 23rd, 2014, until this blog and Vox Cantoris shamed them into, at best, genteel offerings, with the honourable exception of Dorothy Cummings McLean. But there was no real powerful condemnation of the evil of abortion, no outcry as to the evil of the non-law  "bubble zone law", there was no denunciation of contraception (the fuel that feeds the abortion furnace); heaven forbid  rigorous and meaningful opposition to perverted sex-education, and so on.  Everything is perfunctory, nice - then happily forgotten. 

"Linda Gibbons, Canadian defender of life, arrested" 
Unlike the shameful behaviour of the "official" Catholic media in Canada, Polish Catholic media has responded with great support for Linda. I include a few screenshots for our readers. 

Abortion is a nasty, blood-thirsty business (literally) and this blog and Vox Cantoris will not be silent. We will continue to speak loudly and champion our "Angels for Life", who incarnate Christ's love for the unborn. So much so, that they are willing to give up their freedom because of it. The mainstream "Catholic" media to does not even seem capable about speaking and writing about it, unless they are "string-armed" by Catholic bloggers who are independent of the hierarchy, and do not rely on them for their money-ticket. 

"Arrest for defending life"
And so, this Canadian "church of Sardis", this wealthy, compromising, go-along-to-get-along caricature of a Church that St. John warned about in the Book of the Apocalypse, merely continues its grotesque adulterous affair with Caesar, betraying the Bride of Christ. If churchmen truly preached on the evil of abortion, if Catholics were faithful to their Baptism, we would not have a "bubble zone law", we simply would not have abortion! Because of such adulterous treachery, churchmen have spiritually decimated the Church in Canada; look at the bitter fruit of over 40 years of not teaching doctrine: both contraception and abortion are rife amongst Catholics no less than non-believers. 

But for all this, there still is hope: there always is true hope. Last December there was one especially strong voice in the wilderness, one modern-day "John the Baptist" who brought honour to the Catholic priesthood, Fr. Paul Nicholson. Let us not forget Our Lord's words: "behold I am with you always, even to the end of the age" (Mt. 28:20). 

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Anonymous said...

Remember to that the lack of hierarchal support for the defense and preaching of truly Catholic doctrine and being "nice" is largely because or ties and compromises made with Caesar over the root of all evil. That's right, "follow the money".
These compromises are inherent to tying our Canadian Catholic boatt to the sinking ark of government funding rather than to the " Bark of Peter" and Christ.
The anti-family and anti-Catholic secular worldviews inherent in the government funding of education, social services, healthcare, foreign-aid etc are plain for all to see. Yet we collectively continue to occupy the same bed with Caesar, having abandoned our independent Catholic heritage in these spheres in a trade for 30 pieces of silver and the souls of our families and teachings.
Somehow then, when Caesar roles over to cowtow to his other now more currently influential and active concubines of the death culture, we just stay in his bed and grovel, hoping he will it least continue his payments on the 30 pieces of silver if we at least "stay nice".
Remember this when you consider many of the "Catholic Charities" your Canadian Bishops promote. Your Catholic "charities" are often funding the secular worldview that is inevitably imposed upon charities that compromise Catholic teaching so they can also receive government funding.