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Saturday, 20 December 2014

James Martin S.J., and Thomas Rosica CSB: do they not know that Martin Luther advocated adultery?

Recently, Frs. James Martin S.J., and Thomas Rosica, CSB., respectively tweeted and re-tweeted a disgusting painting placing the heresiarch, Martin Luther amongst Catholic saints. Prior to indulging in this scandal they should have done a little bit of homework into what Martin Luther stood for. Amongst other things, Luther advocated dispensing with the authority of the Church over declaring a marriage null, and placed this decision into the hands of the individual person. Hence, Luther advocated adultery. 

From on "The Estate of Marriage":

What I said was this: if a woman who is fit for marriage has a husband who is not, and she is unable openly to take unto herself another and unwilling, too, to do anything dishonorable since the pope in such a case demands without cause abundant testimony and evidence, she should say to her husband, “Look, my dear husband, you are unable to fulfil your conjugal duty toward me; you have cheated me out of my maidenhood and even imperilled my honor and my soul's salvation; in the sight of God there is no real marriage between us. Grant me the privilege of contracting a secret marriage with your brother or closest relative, and you retain the title of husband so that your property will not fall to strangers. Consent to being betrayed voluntarily by me, as you have betrayed me without my consent” [...].

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