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Fr. Thomas Rosica and Gregory Baum: the real "hot-topic" moral issue for Salt and Light

"... you have been for me and continue to be a real model of hope".  
Fr. Thomas Rosica, addressing ex-priest, ex-communicant, Gregory Baum. 

On December 31st, 2013, Salt and Light CEO, Fr. Thomas Rosica identified abortion (murder by any other name), as one of several "hot-topic moral" issues, that, so Fr. Rosica claims, the Pope does not want to reduce the Church to. Well, no one does: this is a straw man. I don't know of any person who reduces Catholicism to discussions of abortion (or, for that matter, any other grave sin). 

Though, in an interview, the Pope did indeed speak of homosexuality in terms of "love the sinner, hate the sin", Fr. Rosica, for some unknown reason wished to toss contraception and same-sex "marriage" into the picture. Fr. Rosica suggests a campaign against abortion and poverty, whilst carefully leaving to one side contraception, same-sex "marriage", and what used to be traditionally known as "sodomy". Unfortunately, abortion and the exploitation of the worker are the end results of a culture of death. All sin must be opposed, everywhere and at all times. Clerical silence on the evils of contraception; knowing that the vast majority of Catholics use them, is a failure of priestly duty before God and Man. What more evil can a priest do, than turn a blind eye to sin? Yet there is one priest who will stand up to this evil: Msgr. Vincent Foy. And he writes

"In an attempt to stop the contraceptive mentality, which has led to the suicidal birth rate in Canada, I have written to Pope Francis and several cardinals and bishops.  The Winnipeg Statement of the Canadian bishops has still not been retracted yet.  As Von Hildebrand wrote: it is not sufficient to affirm the truth: error must also be rejected." 

Abortion, widespread homosexuality, and the perversion of marriage are logical ends of a contraceptive mentality. Contraception is the fountainhead of modern selfishness. It is the banner issue of the culture of death. The family and marriage are the heart of a culture of life: grave evils, such as same-sex "marriage", perverted sexual acts, acts that render marriage infecund are always objectively gravely sinful. These evils must be opposed, not swept under the carpet. The Popes have suggested a rigorous pastoral plan of action to combat sexual nihilism that is destroying the Church and Society. 

The evils that travail us are, at heart, a crisis of truth. The truth demands that all evil be exposed and opposed. Fr. Rosica wrote of a "...full throated defense of the common good" - excluding the "partisan" evils of contraception, homosexuality, same-sex "marriage" and other so-called "hot topics". If defending good and opposing evil is "partisan", then so be it. However, Abolitionists no doubt were likened to being "partisan" - yet they fought the good fight, knowing that the common good demanded opposition to the evil of slavery. Avoiding issues of right and wrong, because they are not popular (they usually never are) is a recipe for spiritual suicide. 

We, at this blog have been very forthcoming in ensuring that Catholics adhere to an integral pro-life programme. We even lamented that Lifesitenews did not carry the tragic culture of death slaying of young Sammy Yatim (after all, this poor, young man was slain in their own backyard). However, one must be absolutely just and fair: Lifesitenews also does wonder, wonderful work. Lifesitenews identifies and fights against the scourge of abortion. To be equally just and fair, Salt and Light has carried a number of pro-life programmes; these are to be commended. However, Salt and Light is muted, hesitant and portrays a view of the local Church that does not correspond to the concrete reality on the ground. The evidence shows that the local Church in Canada is a in a frightful spiritual and moral crisis: the young have virtually lost any sense of sin, sexual sins are rampant; these are not "hot-topic" issues, but issues of life or death. If the activity of young "Catholics" on Facebook is anything to go by, the situation is a disaster. The local Church is in free fall.

The Gospel needs to be preached, even - especially! - those parts of it which are unpopular (sadly, most). The "church of nice" gives birth to a "church of vileness". 

Yet, the issue goes far deeper. Fr. Rosica speaks of charity, love.... just review his Twitter feed. Words are cheap: drop the lawsuit against the wonderful Chinese Catholics. Reconcile with your brother! Stop - albeit obliquely obsessing over Lifesitenews. In his own words: let Fr, Rosica "go [his] own way, rejoicing". 

Stop corrupting the words of the Holy Father! The Pope spoke of the graves crimes noted above with the need to fit them into context. Did not the Holy Father also add that he was a loyal son of the Church? Can the same be said of Fr. Rosica? As with so many who have recently undertaken to "interpret" the Pope, Fr. Rosica's approach is far, far more eisegetical than exegetical. 

The Gregory Baum Interview 

The truth is, a specter haunts Fr. Rosica. The interview with Gregory Baum. The issue will not go away, even if it is surgically removed again and again from a sanitized Wikipedia entry. Distressing as the lawsuit against the Fountain of Love and Life is, or the seemingly personal gripe against Lifesitenews, these are mere trifles when considering a priest of Jesus Christ showering praise on an excommunicant ex-priest heretic, who seriously damaged the Church in Canada. A full review of this tragedy may be read here and here. 

Can a loyal son of the Church hold up Gregory Baum as his personal "model of hope"? Hope for what? For whom? Yet, it goes even deeper that a priest admiring an enemy of the Church. What does it say about the Basilians? The Canadian bishops? Even the Roman Authorities? The latter may perhaps plead ignorance. But the Basilians, the bishops? 

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sybarite123 said...

I've recently heard that a Catholic University in Ontario is considering something 'daring', according to the University, the granting of an Honorary Degree to Gregory Baum. Progressives, Leftists, or Liberals if you wish, are at the helm of our Catholic Institutions. This take over by Leftists of all Institutions of Education, both Catholic and Secular is a Fait-Accompli. How come?