Sunday, 15 September 2013

SCOTLAND: Fr. Patrick Lawson - a true Catholic hero

Fr. Patrick Lawson
Fr. Patrick Lawson, a loyal Catholic priest, is presently being persecuted for daring to speak out against and expose the evil that has penetrated deep into the Church in Scotland. I speak of the iniquity of sexual perversion and abuse. Vile and satanic actions committed by men who claim to be priests against others - be they seminarians, youthful vulnerable men, or boys. 

In the case of the evil Patrick Moore, Fr. Lawson had no option but to approach the secular media because the local Church -literally - was hell bent on continuing the coverup. For his courage to speak out, he is being persecuted by Bishop John Cunningham, whose behaviour towards Fr. Lawson is more akin to that of a thug, then a father towards a son. Cunningham is now in the process of instigating canonical procedures against Fr. Lawson.  This is not the first time the Scottish hierarchy has tried to hide behind canon law to continue their coverup and lies. Canonical proceedings against Fr. Matthew Despard were shelved - temporarily - due only to fear on the part of the bishops that the said action would result in massive media exposure of their corruption. We must ensure that Fr. Lawson's case is known and spread far and wide. 

Therefore it is essential for Catholics to take up the cause of Fr. Lawson, to make it news, to spread his cause through social media, to contact the Papal Nuncio etc. Is this pressure: damn right it is! Will Catholics remain silent? Damn right they won't. I use the word "damn" not lightly: we are dealing here literally with eternal damnation. Friends, this is your chance to stand up for something that is right.  Wringing your hands, even offering up a prayer is just not good enough! Pray and work! Pray and sacrifice for this evil to be chased from the Church - and work for it; write a letter, tell your friends, write to the Nuncio. And STOP putting money in the collection plate. Tell everyone to do the same. Find a holy priest and give him the money directly. 

If the bishops think that they can bury the evil of the "gay mafia" and homosexual abuse and even rape of our young people they are very, very wrong. There may be those naive enough to think I am exaggerating - surely, the bishops have repented, and are cleansing the church in Scotland of the pestilence of depraved sexual deviants who prey of others. Alas no: just consider the sickening case of Paul Milarvie - coddled by the out-going and incoming archbishops of Glasgow, this man (considered unworthy of the priesthood) continues to this day to be a priest with faculties, and on the diocesan curia. No, the bishops have not changed their ways. They may be opposed to the abuse of under-age boys and girls, but opposing and eliminating the "powerful gay mafia", the "cliques" that Fr. Lawson speaks of? It is this unforgivable "sin" that is motivating the bishops to seek to silence Fr. Lawson. These cowardly bishops are acting out of terror to preserve themselves: decades of homosexual activity amongst the clergy (including bishops) will inevitably lead to a nightmare of blackmail and counter-blackmail. With my contacts on the ground in Motherwell, I am aware of other facts that have not yet come to light in the media. They will - be warned, they will. 

Scottish bishops, and your lackeys: Witness will not remain silent. We will loudly, openly and completely fight against the evil in the Church in Scotland. As a Scottish Catholic I will never be silent. You are doing the devil's work in destroying the church! If you don't have the courage to chase these perverts out, then at least muster up enough courage to resign from office - an office of apostolic dignity that you corrupt each and every day with your filth. Judases, begone!

Our Lady, Queen of Scotland, pray for us!

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fairplayer said...

Agree strongly with comments made. More people need to speak up like this, otherwise nothing will change.