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Tuesday, 11 June 2013


The South American Reflexion y Liberacion carries a wide ranging and informal discussion given by Pope Francis. Significantly, the Holy Father stated:

Y, sí… es difícil. En la curia hay gente santa, de verdad, hay gente santa. Pero también hay una corriente de corrupción, también la hay, es verdad… Se habla del “lobby gay”, y es verdad, está ahí… hay que ver qué podemos hacer

[And, yes ... it is difficult. In the curia's there are holy people, really holy people. But there is also a stream of corruption, there also it is true ... one speaks of the "gay lobby", and it is true, it is there ... you have to see what we can do ...]

SO there it is! You may also recall the denials, the lying, the scoffing when a few months ago Pope Benedict XVI's secret Dossier was said to contain documentation on a homosexualist infiltration of the Church even to the highest levels. 

We can no longer doubt that Pope Francis has read the Dossier, that he knows of its very,very serious content. Indeed, the preliminary actions in Scotland would reflect just one example of the Holy Father taking the "gay lobby" very seriously. 

"We will see what we can do". Pray, pray for the Pope and the Church. In these - perhaps somewhat pensive words - the Holy Father is telling us that action against these people will indeed be very difficult. They are entrenched, they have infiltrated seminaries, religious orders, hierarchies, Catholic institutes of education etc. Even now, high ranking Prelates are coming out - so to speak - in favour of legal State recognition of intrinsically evil "unions". 

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