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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Beauty still exists at the London Olympic Games

Italian gymnastic beauties
We, here at Witness, believe in celebrating the gifts that God has given to humanity. This includes the healthy appreciation of women's beauty. Unlike those who erroneously believe that Christianity and prudery go hand-in-hand, we believe in common sense. Catholic common sense believes that beauty is to be celebrated within context. The Catholic rejects both the denigration and the denial of feminine beauty. Sadly, prudery has piggy-backed on a number of Catholics who believe that the turn of a shapely ankle is borderline on sin. 

German star, Jana Berezko-Marrgrander
Though the London games has sadly seen its share of female degradation and vulgarity, it is also seeing an extraordinary display of femininity. Today, we have the splendid rhythmic gymnastics which involves outstanding balance, flexibility, timing, strength, endurance - all topped off with grace and beauty.


Santa said...

I'm beginning to think these last few posts have been designed to increase the number of page views for this blog. I hope I'm wrong.

Freyr said...

Hey... leave me out of this. It wasn't me who posted the picture of the US women's weightlifting champion. As a matter of fact the Olympic posts have generated over 800 page views versus 8 for Episcopi Vagantes.

Barona said...

The posts were designed to comment on society... not on hits.